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ZOMBIE LEAGUE ALL STARS brings a new twist to a familiar game designed to capitalize on today's fascination with Zombies. The game brings fast paced Zombie action with a sense of humor including spooky sounds and music, and thunderous Home Run celebrations. It has the same exciting game play experience as All Star Baseball, but these players only come out at night. The highly detailed art includes everything you would expect at Graveyard Park. The more you look, the more you see.


Valley-Dynamo has partnered with Gizmo Game Design to introduce a new exciting novelty game. Zombie League All Stars bring the classic Pitch and Bat style game to today's players. Experience the thrill of choosing your pitch and swinging the bat to advance animated runners around the visible base path. Head to head play allows one player to pitch the ball and the other player to swing the bat. The games also offer a Home Run Derby feature that tests your skill at the long ball. Zombie League All Stars brings the excitement and challenges of a real baseball game.


Our state of the art technology and streamlined mechanisms provide reliability, ease of operation, and minimize maintenance of the games.


The games include many features to attract fans of all ages:


One Player mode to sharpen your skills. The game randomly selects the pitch.

Two Player mode to encourage friendly competition. The players select the pitch.

Home Run Derby mode tests your long ball ability. Only home runs score.

Adjustable pitch speeds and bat strength.

Three home run ramps to test your skill.

Animated 3D base runners that pop up and circle the bases.

Announcer, Umpire and Fan reaction to enhance the game experience.

Fireworks and flashbulbs for an exciting home run celebration.

A High Score display to challenge other players.

A convenient footprint to allow placement with other games.

Free play or coin operated. DBV ready.

Adjustable game pricing

Zombie League All Star Baseball

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