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The Arcade Collection Kit includes Silver Strike, Power Putt, and Lawn Darts/Target Toss. The kit will include a new hard drive, security chip, Cabinet ID, and Control Panel. 


The Arcade Collection Conversion Kit is perfect for those wanting to convert their current Golden Tee home editions or for anyone who has an old Silver Strike or Power Putt that they are looking to update. When a cabinet is converted to an Arcade Collection, the current software will be uninstalled. For example, if you want to convert a current Golden Tee Home Edition, Golden Tee will be uninstalled and the game will be an Arcade Collection only. 


Shipping in 2022. This is a preorder. 

Arcade Collection Conversion Kit


    Requested refunds will be issued if product has not been shipped. Refunds will be fulfilled minus any associated payment fees. 

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